October Team Building Activities

October social groups work on many different skills revolving around pumpkins, fall, as well as Halloween, themed activities. For our younger social butterflies, we have simple games such as “pumpkin hunting” where we hide small plastic pumpkins around the room or on the playground. We split the kids into teams and instruct them to find as many pumpkins as they can. This is an early team building activity that is fun and teaches the kids how to work together.

Our older social groups work on team building skills with activities such as team Halloween crossword puzzles or team Halloween word search puzzles. You can find these activities in our Green Group Lesson Plans.

We split the kids into teams of two and instruct them to pick a “seeker/searcher” and a “writer.” The “seeker/searcher’ will find the word in the word search and have to use his language skills to tell the writer where it is. The “writer” will then have to circle the word. The “seekers/searchers” are not allowed to write or use their body language to show where the word is (i.e. pointing to the word). They have to use their expressive language skills to show where the words are. You can also incorporate some compromising techniques so they can choose who will be the “writer” and who will be the “seeker/searcher.”


  • team building with at least 1 other peer
  • use appropriate language to complete a problem-solving activity with peers.
  • turn-taking with peer
  • self-regulation (especially the “seeker/searcher”! It’s hard to ONLY use words to communicate in this kind of activity)
  • use prepositions and attributes to relay information
  • follow directions using prepositions and attributes
  • answer WH questions

And SO many more!