VIRTUAL Social Skills Groups

We are pleased to offer Virtual Social Groups for children ages 6-18 to our services!

Due to the COVID-19 regulations, we converted our groups to a secure online platform in April 2020. The groups were so successful that we are now offering the Virtual Social Groups to new clients along with IN PERSON groups!


New clients will still require a social communication screening so that our therapists can create a plan of care for your child.

  1. You will schedule an appointment online.
  2. Our staff will contact you to schedule your appointment and send you registration information.
  3. You will log in to our secure platform on your screening day/time with your unique password.
  4. Once you check in, your facilitator will complete a parent interview, then the therapist will assess your child using our placement screening.
  5. Based on the screening results and target goals, your child will be placed in one of our groups- Red (ages 6-8), Green (ages 9-12), Yellow (ages 12-18), Executive Functioning Group (ages 8-18), or Self Regulation Group (ages 5-18)
  6. You will be given time/day options based on the group level and availability.
  7. Once the group time/day is confirmed and tuition is paid, your child is enrolled!


Once your child is enrolled, you will receive an email with your child’s unique, secure group meeting ID and password. On the day of your child’s group you will log in and be directly sent to a “waiting room” to be checked in. Then, your child group facilitator will admit the clients to the group session. The clients will need a computer or device that connects to the internet, access to the Zoom app, headphones are recommended but not necessary, and a quiet area to sit and participate. That’s it!

Each group will target specific social communication skills using a variety of methods and techniques. We use most of the tools and activities that we would use in our on site groups! We were a bit skeptical, but it works well!

As we do in all of our groups, parents will receive monthly summaries and carryover activities.


“thank you for offering this much needed service in a fun way! XX was so happy to see his friends again!”

“I am impressed how you and your staff can engage the kids in group. Well done and thank you.”

“XX was so excited to see her friends on the computer. She couldn’t stop talking about it at dinner. We just wanted to to know how much we appreciate it.”

“Thank you so much for everything that you are doing!  I am so impressed with how you are running the virtual groups and how engaged XX and XX are with you, Joan, and Jackie. XX has other tele-therapies but they have been a struggle, so some have been put on hold. Thank you again and you should think about giving training to other therapist on how to do effective tele-therapy!”

“this is great! thank you so much, she really needed to see her friends from group this week!”

“its amazing how well XX is attending during your virtual group. I am in shock!”

Ready to get your child started? We would love to have new friends participate! Request a screening appointment below or email us for more information at