Social Butterflies Club® Sensory Motor, Self Regulation, & Executive Functioning Groups

Sensory Motor, Self Regulation, & Executive Function Group Therapy Services

Our Social Butterflies Club Sensory Motor Social Groups(SMSG) and Self Regulation Social Groups(SRSG) target sensory processing and self regulation skills while interacting with peers. Facilitated by our OT and SLP staff, our SMSG and SRSG are a multi-disciplinary approach to helping children develop the necessary skills to maneuver through their environment.

Our Social Butterflies Club Executive Functioning Groups(EXFG) targets more executive function skills than our traditional social groups. While clients continue to interact with peers, we are developing crucial executive functions (working memory, organization, planning, problem solving) that are needed for social and academic success. Facilitated by our SLP staff, our EXFGs are specially structured for our clients to acquire the necessary EF skills needed to be successful with all of their daily activities.

Our traditional SBC program teaches social communication/play skills to children in a fun, structured environment. The unique structure of our program also develops speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, and social/play skills. However, we have found that some children require more focus in the areas of sensory processing, self regulation, and executive functioning to be successful with peers. Our SMSG,  SRSG, and EXFG target those specific skills while integrating social communication skills.

As always, we use therapeutic methods combined with a specialized curriculum in our social groups. Our lead therapists are certified Speech-Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists who have been trained in the Social Butterflies Club program along with other therapy methods such as sensory integration. All of our assistants are also trained in the program for continuity of services provided to the children.