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Social Butterflies Club


SBC provides social communication therapy and groups for children ages 3-18 in a fun, structured environment. The unique structure of our program also develops speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, and social/play skills. We have been providing services to the Hampton Roads area since 2004. Our organization is and has always been client strength driven rather than diagnosis driven.

  • Program with after-school times
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play
  • Individual attention in small groups

Children with delayed social skills are a diverse population!  Some may have speech-language delays, gross-fine motor delays, cognitive delays, ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), or delayed development in the area of play skills resulting from limited opportunities to interact with other children. Some clients may have social anxiety due to limited interactions during COVID. Some clients may have missed some social-emotional milestones. We work with all abilities to support social-emotional and communication skills.


Social skills/play skills are the basis for which all language is built.  Children develop emotional regulation, cognitive-academic skills, expressive language skills, gross motor skills,and  fine motor skills through play in the early years of life.  Basic social skills are present starting at birth! Using communication to maneuver through your environment is the essential definition of social skills. All ages use social skills!


Many children are no longer developing play skills as they did in the past.  Instead, computers, tablets, cell phones, and TVs are the focus of development. While technology is a valuable learning tool, crucial play skills are not developed during technology use.  The result is a lack of social/play skills that has a long-term impact on academic, vocational and interpersonal skills. Many researchers agree that social-emotional skills are essential for all children to grow.


SBC teaches social communication/play skills to children in a fun, structured environment.


Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength

Social Butterflies Club

Children with social communication disorders/delayed social skills are a diverse population. SBC teaches social communication and play skills to children in a fun, structured environment.  The unique structure of our program also develops speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, and social/play skills.

Monarch Club

As children grow older, they may need ongoing support accompanied by assistance with new challenges such as jobs, relationships, and learning to become independent and confident young adults. The Monarch Club provides individuals with the next level of social skills in alignment with their unique challenges and developmental needs.

School Based Social Groups

Lunchtime is a great time to work on social skills as it is a natural setting for children. Most children really struggle during these unstructured social times. We work with all the children to develop necessary social skills during their lunch. Each child will have specific goals based on their initial screening.

Social Butterflies Club® Pro

Our online community was created for busy professionals to access materials needed to successfully run and manage social skills groups. The materials were developed for use in our successful social communication program – The Social Butterflies Club® Social Skills Program.

Summer Services

Summer is a great time to build your child’s social communication skills! Our summer camps run 4 consecutive days a week, Monday-Thursday, for 2 hours each day. The children have a fun time making crafts, cooking foods, playing games and interacting with peers. They don’t even know that they are working on objectives!

Self Regulation Social Groups

Self Regulation skills impact the way a child learns and interacts in their environments. The self regulation social group was created to help children develop the necessary regulation skills and emotional understanding to successfully interact with their peers. Our OT staff and our ED/SLP staff work together to make this group a success!


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