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Social Butterflies Club

The Social Butterflies Club was founded in 2004 by Rhonda Osisek M.S., CCC-SLP.  Rhonda created this program for a few of her clients that were having trouble interacting appropriately at school.

The clients were bright children but were labeled “loners” and did not participate in activities (they walked the perimeter of the playground/gym or preferred to be alone).  They could not “sit still” at their desks (they stood at their desk, rocked in their chair, and chewed clothing while trying to complete assignments).

Rhonda thought that if she could get these clients in their natural environment to teach these “social graces” (pragmatic language skills), along with the help of some sensory integration techniques (that she had just learned from an OT friend), the clients could easily be taught how to act appropriately.  Some social programs on the market tended to be too boring or too narrowly focused on one skill at a time.  Rhonda had a large caseload of clients and needed a program to address multiple goals at one time.  Otherwise, she’d be teaching social skills one at a time for the rest of the client’s life!  So, using many techniques from various therapy methods (picture communication,  structured language activities, etc.) she created a group plan to address multiple goals while incorporating sensory integration techniques to help the clients focus.  The Social Butterflies Club was born!

Over the years it has been fine tuned and has grown to encompass all ages and social skill levels.  The program was enormously successful in its ability to teach multiple social skills in a one time a week one hour group.  The clients loved the fun themes and activities and learned the skills almost immediately.

Rhonda and her colleagues continue to run the program year round at their facility in Virginia Beach.  Rhonda also trains other professionals in The Social Butterflies Program so that they too can benefit from effective caseload management and a more successful way to teach social skills.