Unplug and Play!

Unplug and Play Challenge

March 6th is “National Day of Unplugging ” so we are challenging our kids to unplug and play today!*

Technology has taken over many activities that would otherwise promote play skills and human interaction leaving our children with gaps in areas of development. Technology is a crucial skill set that our kids need and it has many benefits. However, too much technology can limit natural skill development that children acquire naturally during face to face interactions with peers and adults. Here are some ideas for the Unplug and Play Challenge:

  • Outside Games:
  • Board Games:
  • Imaginative Play With Toys: 
    • Action figures from your child’s favorite TV show/Movie/ Video Game
    • “Little People” toy sets have everything from farms, to train stations, to school houses
    • Dolls
  • Engaging in Arts and Crafts Projects 
    • Dollar store and Walmart/Target have a variety of craft activities 
    • Try an “experiment” with household items
      • Pinterest is a great place to find simple experiments
      • Invite a friend over to do the experiment with your child
  • Building with Blocks or Other Building Materials
    • Lego blocks are popular and have a large selection of themes
    • Wooden Blocks
    • Try other building materials: 
      • Marshmallows and toothpicks
      • Popscicle sticks
      • Magnetic Tiles
      • Use nature! rocks, sticks, leaves, shells, etc.
    • Recycle Bin materials:
      • Boxes
      • Cardboard
      • Plastic bottles

Try the Unplug & Play Challenge with your child! Better yet, make it a weekly activity to help your child gain the skills needed to navigate their social world!

*National Day of Unplugging is the first Friday of March